A Chinese Exchange Student’s Encounter with Minho

Yesterday was really embarrassing, really embarrassing.

Yesterday my school had an annual event (I’m a exchange student and in this school, I’m not really sure)

Apparently they will bring a star/famous perform to come and perform.

Yesterday it was SHINee.

I totally didn’t know about them at first. I actually thought they sounded like a girl group, but my korean friends then told me SHINee was very cute and they’re very popular in Korea. I asked, are they very pretty? very sexy?

They also said that these boys are very young, younger than us. Then I started to wonder, little kids as stars? Hahaha…

I keep seeing them discussing about SHINee and fangirling… So crazily.. (?) So I thought, I’ll see SHINee tonight to see how cute they are.

Later at night, it was our turn for a competition first. SHINee would be after the competition ended.

When our competition was ending, I saw their vans driving in and stopping at the entrance, and a lot of girls surrounded that area, ready to take pictures. The atmosphere was very exciting.

My leg was really painful, so I didn’t want to join in the crowd. I rested against the glass door at the stage area.

My leg was really really pain because I was just dancing in high heels and it was unbearable. —(I dont really get this part, sorry!)— Then the host was talking so much rubbish and didn’t finish so I left and was very irritated so I was just leaning against some door somewhere. Then I turned to my side and saw a few guys standing there. I later saw that at my side, more guys were standing there, one is rather tall. Coincidentally when I happened to turn, he also happened to turn to my side too. (Its so coincidental…) {I assume she’s talking about Minho?}

Then, my first response was just, ah. When did the school start having pretty/good-looking guys? I’ve never seen any before. Really good-looking/pretty… High noses.. Also, my face was really close to them even though the lighting wasn’t very good, and I could see that their skin was rather good and nice, possibly even better than some girls. Then suddenly he opened his mouth and started talking, saying something like 기가 큰 여자…. (it means that I’m very tall)

After I heard that I got quite angry. And very irritated. Because so many people say that about me. I walk on the streets, people say that, I meet people for the first time, they likewise will say the same thing too etc… Thats why I was so irritated. Then I looked at him very irritatedly and impatiently and just turned and walked away.

When I turned and walked away, some security guards walked in and almost pushed me to the ground, saying : leave the place leave the place. besides SHINee, everyone else must leave.
Then I responded and realised that that was someone from SHINee… I suddenly felt so embarrassed ah….

I walked out from his side and I was too embarrassed and ashamed to even dare to raise my head and look at him… And when I walked out I happened to turn my head back to secretly catch another glimpse of SHINee and then I coincidentally saw the tall guy {I assume Minho again} pointing at me and in discussion with the other SHINee members, probably saying that I really had guts or something that I actually gave him the dirty face… Later he even laughed a little, and I admit, at the moment, I was shocked/electrified.

PS: Continue to support your SHINee!!

They’re really not bad!!

Source: baidu, soompi
Translations credits: SuperN @ soompi
Shared by: DubuBlingCharismaKeyMin88 @ SFI

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