Key for SHINee’s Comeback Photo

akhirnya teaser foto key untuk comeback keluar juga.

langsung diriku posting, hehe. sangat sangat punk, right ?

sepertinya udah bisa dipastikan konsepnya bad boy.


finally key’s photo teaser was revealed. really really punk, right ? what do you think shawols, especially lockets ? 😀

for me, I feel shocked for a few minute. there is nothing diva key anymore if I’m looking the photo teaser. but, still I’ll love everything that SHINee would use concept for their comeback.


10 thoughts on “Key for SHINee’s Comeback Photo

  1. Thx Q minewishinee that you wrote in english.and can u tell me when will their new album release today or tomorrow?
    Key oppa ur hairstyle really surprise me.^O^I love u….

  2. keeeyyyyy …. makin cintaa deh dirikuuu !! muuuaachhh

    pk’y salut dahh ma keyy oppa .. dy rela memangkas rambut’y

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