SHINee for SHINee’s Comeback Photo

tanggal comeback SHINee sudah ditetapkan yaitu tanggal 23 juli.

SM Entertainment memberikan pernyataan pada tanggal 15 juli, “SHINee, akan merilis album kedua mereka pada tanggal 19 juli dan akan comeback stage pada tanggal 23 juli di KBS Music Bank”

dan kemungkinan, preview lagu mereka akan dirilis hari ini.


The date for SHINee’s comeback has been set as 23rd July

SM Entertainment on 15th July stated, “SHINee, who will be releasing their 2nd album on 19th July, will be having their comeback stage on the 23rd of July on KBS Music Bank.”

and probably, their song’s preview will release today.

are you excited ? until now, I can’t control myself looking their teaser. I’m so happy that my bias in SHINee (minho -red) was not bald, he was more handsome. haha and all members was really handsome right now, right ?

11 thoughts on “SHINee for SHINee’s Comeback Photo

  1. Ohh….i forgot i can’t open video on my phone.what should i do when SME released their song’s preview?
    Minewishinee what should i do? T_T

  2. kageeeeetttt setengahhh mampusss !!!
    kereeeeennn . ternyata minho ga botak kok ?!
    ahhhh … taem cool abiesss ..

  3. ya ilaah tuh tmn bru loo wii … kya’y cinta bener ma keyy
    up dete bgd kya’y bka blog lo .. jd kesaing ney w .. hhiii

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