Songs Teaser for 2nd Full Album

oke, ini preview lagu-lagu SHINee untuk full album kedua mereka yang dibuat secara medley. gw gak bisa komentar apa-apa, semua lagunya bagus-bagus dan opening nya gw suka banget, ”HEYO, WE’RE BACK”


this is songs teaser SHINee for their 2nd full album. I can’t comment anything, I think all songs was really good for me.. and I love the opening “HEYO, WE’RE BACK”

download in here the song was medley.

11 thoughts on “Songs Teaser for 2nd Full Album

    bgus-bgus … *_*
    kya’y yang onew feat keyy bgus dehhh ..
    cpet kluar kek lagu’y . tak sabaarrrr

  2. minewishinee can u post this song again like when u posted 4minute full mini album?maybe i can download it if u post like that.
    help me plz
    i go crazy now coz i want to listen to that song very much.

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