14 thoughts on “SHINee for One Fine Day Star Hwabo

  1. sorry,ewi i’m a little late.Angkor wat is in Siem reap but i live in Battambang.i used to go to Angkor wat about 3 times too.There are a lots of teamples in Siem reap.but the best is Angkor wat.would u like to come?hehe ^^

  2. welcome to Cambodia,ewi.^^
    hope u come to my country hehe
    Cambodia has a lot of beautiful teamples and great mountains.u can watch beautiful sunrise and sunset on BAKENG mountian.u can buy cute souvenirs at Siem reap that made buy bamboo wood and stone.if u go to the beach at Kompong sorm u can buy souvenirs that made by sea shells also.is it great?? ^^

  3. i love shinee i love all member in shinee i like replay sone in my life i alway listen shinee song when i have free time i love you …………….

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  5. Thanks for sharing this pics ^_^
    They were in my country, Cambodia, Kingdom of wonder.
    Once in a lifetime, you should come and visit Angkor Wat, it is one the greatest places in world you should see XD

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