Happy Birthday Almighty Diva Key~

ah~ saengil chukaeyo oppa~ wish you all the best. keep up ur almighty.. shawols love you ♥♥♥

oh you’re 19 years old (international age) and 20 years old (korean age) now.



5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Almighty Diva Key~

    Happy 20th Birthday my Key oppa ^^
    oppa u turning to 20 now 1 year older kekeke^^but u still like a baby.
    wish u good health success in life and work.
    give me alot of smile,plz 🙂 ur smile make my world PINK.
    I want to be with u on ur Birthday’s party.^o^
    Hwaiting oppa~~~
    SHINee Hwaiting~~
    Sa rang hae yo~~

    I wish u had twitter so we could keep in contact… 😦
    But its okay,, I know u’ll hear me from there… Hhhaaa…

    I just want to say, u r my inspiration n spirit so keep healthy n happy yeobo… coz when U SMILE, I SMILE… 🙂

    Yea, I also want u to wish me a happy bday on next thursday 30 sep, since we r in the same monthyearsary…!
    Could u?

    KEY: Of course baby! ;D

    SARANGHAE wid all my heart…!

  3. waduh pada pke b. ing . klo w b. indo aja dah … hahahah
    for KEY
    SELAMAT ULANG TAHUNN KEY OPPA .. moga panjang umur nd sehat selalu . pokoknya bisa sama2 terus bareng SHINee . ku doakan semoga KEY sama SHINee sukses teruss . ampe KAKEK-KAKEK … HHEHEHEHEH
    SHINee SEMANGATTT !!!!!!!!!

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