From SHINee 101018

credit: lala_land @soompi

First of all thank you so so much.. ^^
It’s the first time we won #1 with a repackaged album!
Even in the day, the fansign was held happily.. indeed..
Thank you for making so much effort.
Always have fun aja aja ~~^^?

[From. Jong Hyun]
Thank you. To everyone who listens to our music, and the precious staff who are always with us! Because we all made it happen ^^
And SHINee World whom we are always thankful to~ ^^ Have fun staying with me for life h
Thank you.

[From. Key]
Wah!!! Mutizen!! Yay~~ Thank you sincerely…
I was like, I don’t really know, and we got it?!
ㅠㅠTouched touched.. Too happy~
With the help of many people… We will become a SHINee who shows you our progress!
Thank you very Kamsa Saranghaeyeom~♥

[From. Min Ho]
Thank you so much! The mutizen song that was fulfilled due to the efforts of many people…
And I will never forget the cheers and love from all the fans,
and to become SHINee’s Minho that always works hard.
SHINee World I love you! ^^

[From. Tae Min]
Always very thankful, Thank you for giving lots of love to Hello after Lucifer.
As we will put in effort to become a more shining SHINee in future,
Even though it’s a lot now, please give us more~~ love hh
Thank you!!

look at ontae in that pic.. they’re so cute.. keke they have the same leopard print in their outfit. and their pose were so cute too.. haha. omo! i think i gonna love this couple. lol XD

oh chukha btw.. SHINee World love you too~ ♥

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