Onew Me2Day Update 101019

eng trans: live laugh love @soompi

[onew] Yesterday, with all of you in mind.. I tried singing a song. Lee Juk sunbaenim’s ‘Luckily’.. It was a sudden radio live but the truth that I am able to sing thanks to all of you who sweat so much because of “SHINee” and who really like us is so joyful and happy.. I’m grateful that you always take care of us and I hope that you can listen to my singing and be joyful ^^ Always happily ^^ I’m thankful that there is a song that speaks for my heart and I love you..

actually that pics is not pic that onew oppa updated. i added that pic by myself. just fyi. hehe. and last night onew oppa and taeminnie as be guest at sorrow ten ten club radio.


source: onew’s me2day

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