OnTae’s Trainee Day Story

Taemin: I learned a lot from Onew-hyung in trainee days.
My memories with Onew-hyung are mostly our practicing together at the rooftop in trainee days.
I didn’t take any vocal class at that time. I only took aural classes because my voice was changing.
So Onew-hyung gave me first direct vocal lessons, I think.
I learned vocal exercises from Onew-hyung… I remember him as a very nice hyung.

Onew: There were so many trainees. The exercise room was always so crowded. (Taemin: the underground one…)
Yes. So it’s stuffy there. And I was new to the place and felt a bit awkward… so I practiced at the rooftop everyday. I liked singing while seeing the sky and floating clouds… thinking, Can I send my voice up to there? Then, when I was practicing there like this, I was found … by Taemin.
We often practiced together.

The host: Then you didn’t know you’d become members of Shinee when you were practicing?

Taemin: No we didn’t.

The host: Ah…

Onew: Yes, from then…

Taemin: From then… Onew-hyung’s first impression was so good. He always smiled, and his voice was so good.

The host: His voice is really good. Ah, your voice is so good too.

Onew: You wore teddy bear T-shirt.

Taemin: Yes, teddy bear t-shirt… Onew-hyung was in school uniform because he came directly from school. Always. And he had chestnut hair*…a short hair cut.

Onew: Called half-shaved. 8mm, 5mm…I had it shaved that short. It was comfortable for me

(* trans note: a short hair cut is called chestnut hair in Korea)

Credit: jujugal @ soompi

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