Archive | November 2010

Twitter Update: Super Short

recently nicole KARA upload a picture in her twitter account.

she take a pic with 2AM jinwoon and Beast dongwoon. 91liners πŸ˜€

she tweeted:

Ooh hoo hoot super short ke ke ke The both of them are super tallγ…œ!”

haha i think that would be perfect if there is key. oh and jaejin too.. and maybe minyoung too.. haha all 91liners πŸ˜„

SHINee, SNSD and f(x) for Calendar 2011

SM Entertainment’s idol groups SNSD, SHINee, and f(x) recently modelled in various photoshoots for their respective 2011 calendars.

SHINee’s calendar, titled β€˜SHINee, Meeting Friends’, had the members dressed up in vintage outfits. Posing with special props, the photographers captured a classic yet unique atmosphere.

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