Minho Interview for KOOL Magz

The most memorable episode since your debut?
When we started our Lucifer promotion, I couldn’t perform with other members on stage because I had my leg injured.
The most memorable moment was when I was on stage with members after I recovered fully.
I usually don’t get nervous on stage, but was so nervous at that moment.
It was a stage unforgettable to me.

What influenced you most besides music?
I met many people at college and felt and learned lots of new things
What new things do you want to try?
I want to act in a play and be MC, but that’s for later when I’m more prepared.
I’m not ready for it yet. Until then, I think I should focus more on our SHINee activities.
I’ll try different things when I feel the results of my effort.

The first thing you do when you wake up?
I think about what to do today or how to spend a day.

What movies do you like?
I like action movies very much. Action is best for stress-relieving!
I prefer action movies to romantic comedy.

What do you do in your free time?
I work out or play soccer. I also spend time with friends.

What scares you most?

How do you release stress?
I work out.

Where do you feel most comfortable?
On my bed.

Which artist do you want to collaborate with?
Usher among overseas artists. Super Junior sunbae-nim among Korean artists.
I want to sing a song with them.

What is your role in SHINee?
I think I’m like a base guitar in a band.
It doesn’t stand out but supports the sound.
Playing a supportive role as our team’s base.

Which member would you take to a desert island?
Only one member? Then…Onew-hyung.

Your favorite food and food you hate most?
I hate no food. My favorite is Ramen.

What will you say if you meet yourself at the time of debut?
Take things calmly and relax. I’m very differnt from what I was at that time.
I’m more relaxed now, but still a long way to go.

One word to your current self
Continue to work hard and don’t forget to be thankful!

What would you promise to yourself for next year?
I don’t know what I’ll be like next year, but I’ll work hard to improve.

Minho >> Taemin

Taemin’s first impression?
He was cute. He was like my brother.

What color would you compare him to?

One word for him?
Taemin, you obey hyungs as Maknae
and work hard to improve yourself
Thank you.

oppa, you don’t scare anything..? hhm

hehe so happy know that you like usher cause me too XD ok, mian it’s not important. hehe

everybody like usher.


Original in Korean @ DC
Trans by jujugal@soompi

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