Onew Interview for KOOL Magz

Why did you chose to become a singer?
Onew: When I was in my 2nd year of Junior High, my adviser was a music teacher. My Teacher  advices me while she listens when I’m singing.

Originally you want to sing?
Onew: Yes. I love to sing.

Since debut, What is your most memorable episode?
Onew: Of course our first performance on stage. My head was blank and was really nervous. Also I remember when we won the first place. Standing and performing at a big stage like SM Town Concert is memorable too. Also New comer Award!

Besides Music, What are your other influences?
Onew: Recently, I thought of “I’ll try reading!” so I started to read books. When I read books, I learn a lot as well as my field of vision will expand which is a good thing. Also  you can express your ideas, opinions well. Honestly, I don’t know if I can continue this (laughs). But I really wanted to read a lot of books now.

What kind of books do you read?
Onew: I like writing essays based on the experience of the author.

In the future, What would you like to challenge?
Onew: I have the opportunity,  I would like to try Radio DJ. And also composing song as well as writing lyrics.

What is the first thing you’ll do when you wake up in the morning?
Onew: Recently, I drink water if I wake up. Especially I have musical now, I thought of taking care of my throat. When I wake up in the morning my throat gets dry/sore that’s why I try to drink water.

Your Favorite Word?
Onew: “It’s Fun!” “Let’s have Fun!” (Laughs). I love it when were having fun at every kind of stage.

What do you do during Holidays?
Onew: Watching movies, Driving….various.

What is the most scary for you?
Onew: I’m not particularly scared but if you ask me I’m scared of Insects.

What do you do in order to release your stress?
Onew: Sleep!

The most relaxing place for you?
Onew: I think our house which all of the members stay together. No one is bothering me and I can sleep well.

Domestic Artist you want to collaborate to?
Onew: Which person should I choose…Ah! We talk about this a day before, I promised to have a duet with f(x)’s Luna. That’s why I’m thinking of practicing.

How about Foreign Artists?
Onew: Stevie Wonder. I really love him. It’s such an honor if my wish will be granted and have a duet with him. I will do my best because I’m still not yet ready. Also, He is a Japanese singer but I don’t know his name. He is a man who plays piano while singing. I think he is very famous in Japan. I like to practice his songs so I tried to search for his videos.

What song do you listen recently?
Onew: Recently, I’m doing musical performance so I usually listen to musical numbers.

What is your role in SHINee?
Onew: Looks…It is a joke (laugh) I think my role is to make the atmosphere happy and the person who leads.

Which member are you going to take to a deserted island?
Onew: It’s Minho. He is athletic and seems to be good in catering foods.

Your happiest moment recently?
Onew: You think this conversation is about musical again……(Laughs). I’m one of the cast from the musical called “Rock of Ages”. Originally, it’s a foreign musical and it’s the very 1st performance here in Korea. I’m glad that I was chosen to be the main cast for Korea’s 1st performance.

What do you most concern about now?
Onew: It’s Musical for now!

What do you want to do until the end of the year?
Onew: I’ve always wanted to study vocal music. If I have the time I wanted enjoy while studying.

This is the only thing I can’t beat to no one.
Onew: This is not a pride but….people say I have nice voice, I’m so happy if they tell me this.

If you can time travel, What would you say if you meet yourself during your debut?
Onew: “Let’s have fun”, “Take lots of lessons”

For Next Year, What is your promise?
Onew: I don’t know what will happen but instead of hurrying up and have promises,  I should do my responsibilities and have fun next year.

Q. Your 1st impression of Jonghyun?
A. When I first met him, he thought me a lot of different things. From Lesson room to the way how to use it, What should I say this to him/her. He is really nice and thought me every little thing. That’s why my impression was ” Ah, He is a nice guy”.

Q. If you compare him to a color?
A. Yellow or red color, brilliant/bright colors.

Q. A message for Jonghyun!
A. From now on let’s aim and work hard together towards the same goals and dreams happily. And also, You’re Cool!

btw when interviewer asked this question “Which member are you going to take to a deserted island?” onew oppa answered ‘minho’ and when minho oppa was asked that question too, he answered ‘onew’ haha onho ❤


English Translation: winkme @ soompi

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