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Power of Maknaes for SBS Gayo Daejun 2010

oh god gayo daejun always has awesome concept for their show.

All seven maknaes will be divided into unique circus roles to perform Britney Spears‘ “Circus.” The distribution of roles will see Taemin playing the ringleader while Sulli and Chansung will become the acrobatic couple. Meanwhile, Jiyoung will be a rhythmic gymnastics athlete.

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Twitter Update: In SBS group Shot

heechul oppa update his twitter with leeteuk oppa, my sulli (haha), jonghyun oppa, donghae oppa and kyuhyun oppa. and oh there is yesung oppa too..

he tweet : “In SBS 떼샷” —— “In SBS group shot”

ahhh.. sulli-ah is so cute.. >.< and i like your new hairstyle heechul oppa~ *_*


Credits: Heedictator @ Twitter

Translation: mayafeby @