Jonghyun’s Message

Hello~ This is SHINee’s bling bling Jonghyun!!

At last there will be SHINee’s solo concert we’ve been waiting for~

In Japan on Dec. 23, Sunday, and in Korea on Jan. 1-2!!!

You all didn’t forget, did you? ^^

Raise hands if you’re coming to the concerts! ㅋ

Our members and I are practicing hard for the concert.

The solo concert is what all our members have dreamed of from even before our debut.

So we’re looking forward to it with fluttering hearts~~~

One regrettable thing is

I can’t do dance performance in this concert due to my ankle injury.

I even thought about doing it although not fully recovered because this is our first concert.

But many people have expressed their concerns about it…^^

However! I’m very healthy ㅋㅋ


So my performance at the concert will be more centered on singing than on dancing.

I wanted to show you perfect performances… I’m very sorry…

I ask you to understand the situation… ㅠㅠ

Instead I’ll greet you with wonderful songs ~

And while I’m singing

A trainee in our company will do a few dance performances…

He is a Chinese and very competent, so please don’t worry~ ^^

Until my leg is fully recovered he will replace me

to dance only in our concerts in Japan and Korea.

Please, cheer for him~~~

Sure I’ll always be on stage with them.

You don’t have to worry at all!!

Then, I’ll leave for now to practice for our concerts…

Let’s meet at the concert!!!


Trans by jujugal @ wordpress

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