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Fanaccount Story about SHINee after Kpop Super Live in Tokyo

When they’re getting on a car after finishing their performance, Minho lifted an I-pad over his head.

Fans thought it’s a book at first and then saw a flash light.

Probably Minho took a photo of the fans.

Key in sunglasses exuded an entertainer aura.

Taemin looked so cute and adorable smiling in white (red letters) t-shirt.

(The fan couldn’t see other members from where she was)

And this fan heard that at the end of the first round, someone threw a present onto the stage.

Key was standing in that direction but didn’t get hit fortunately.

SHINee and Super Junior had dinner together at a restaurant in Akasaka.

SHINee Elle Girl Japan Interview

5-member boy group SHINee, the group name comes from SHINE.
They debuted in Korea in 2008. won several new artist awards, topped charts with some hit songs, and entered into the top artist league at a blink with their capability and popularity.

Their first solo concert last year attracted 24,000 people a day (more than 100k applications!).
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Video Jonghyun at Immortal Song 2 Press Conference

Jonghyun said he had a dream of filming IM2 four times

To the question, “What other singers she recommends for the  program?”, IU said, “I recommended SHINee Jonghyun in an interview (with  the production team), but didn’t know he’d join us. I didn’t know he’s  coming today… I like his voice very much.” She counted Jonghyun as her  strongest rival.
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Spoiler Jonghyun at Immortal Song 2

1. The first episode theme: “The song that led me to become a singer”
2. The order: IU – Yesung – Changmin – Hyorin – Yoseop – Jonghyun
3. Jonghyun said, “Hello~” in a cute high tone when he greeted the audience and then introduced himself as SHINee bling bling Jonghyun and his friend as a piano accompanist.
4. Jonghyun sang Park Seongjoo’s “Gwiro (One’s Way Back)”
5. You will see the legendary 30cm again (2~3 times)
6. Jonghyun sang to his friend’s piano accompaniment while other singers used mr.
7. Jonghyun looked like he prepared and practiced for the performance a lot. He enjoyed the stage like a veteran
[from DC Shinee Gallery]

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