Jonghyun Me2Day Update 110430

firstly, jonghyun updated shinee’s me2day yesterday without pic. he said:

에프엑스!!!어제일등했죠!!!추카추카!!아자뵤 문제!!!누예삐오 앨범을 열장이나 샀던 샤이니의 종현군은 이번 정규앨범 피노키오를 몇장이나 구매했을까요!? 맞추면 셀카올리지롱>○< 41분전

[Jonghyun] f(x)!!! They won first place yesterday!!! Congratulations!! Here’s a question!!! SHINee bought 10 NU ABO CDs, how many full album Pinocchio CDs did Jonghyun buy!? if you get it right I’ll upload a selca >o<

after that, he uploaded his selca and said:

[종현] 아직 안ㅋ샀ㅋ엉ㅋ 내일 사러 가야지…팬싸추첨있는데로…아! 물론 뽑혀도 가진 않을겁니다 겨뤄보자구 에프엑스팬들 누가 더 많이 사나 투닥투닥(도발)ㅋ

[Jonghyun] I didn’t buy yet kk I’ll go to buy tomorrow.. at a shop you can apply for a fansign meeting. Ah! of course I won’t go even if I get a ticket. F(x) fans, let’s have a battle of who buys more, thump thump (challenging) ke

omg that shoulder *_* keke

cr: shinee’s me2day, hellojjong, baidu, forevershiningshinee

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