SHINee Elle Girl Japan Interview

5-member boy group SHINee, the group name comes from SHINE.
They debuted in Korea in 2008. won several new artist awards, topped charts with some hit songs, and entered into the top artist league at a blink with their capability and popularity.

Their first solo concert last year attracted 24,000 people a day (more than 100k applications!).

Their unexpected popularity even before their debut surprised those in the music industry.

“We’re surprised because we didn’t even imagine so many fans would come to our concert as we are a new group in Japan!” – Jonghyun

“It was encouraging to see some fans come to both rounds with a placard” – Onew

They are currently studying Japanese to communicate with Japanese fans directly. During filming, they made use of even small bits of time asking the staff about new words and practicing pronunciation.

Their favorite study method is watching animation like One Piece.

“There’s one bad thing about this study method. We learn to use the characters’ over-acting tones!” – Jonghyun

“We get to use 貴様~ (You)! ま、まさか(well, never)! ” – Minho said laughing.

That is their style, enjoying whatever they do, not only Japanese lessons, but also dance and singing practice they have never skipped since their debut.

On the shoot, all the members had fun singing, dancing, or imitating with a Far East Movement’s dance-able song as BGM.

Their Japanese debut single, for which they have worked hard, will be released on June 22.

It is the Japanese version of their Korean debut song, Replay.

“The song’s mood and feel are different from those of the original one in our Korean debut. It’s the same song, but the title Replay means we’ll go back to our first intention and make a new start in Japan!” – Taemin said passionately about their new ambitions.

We will post back-stage stories and making later at Elle Girl online.

There will be a special video with the “Pointing Game” that exposes their true colors.

Don’t miss it!

Trans by jujugal

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