Video Jonghyun at Immortal Song 2 Press Conference

Jonghyun said he had a dream of filming IM2 four times

To the question, “What other singers she recommends for the  program?”, IU said, “I recommended SHINee Jonghyun in an interview (with  the production team), but didn’t know he’d join us. I didn’t know he’s  coming today… I like his voice very much.” She counted Jonghyun as her  strongest rival.

Jonghyun responded, “I wished she’d not participate in the program…  because she is too good. She is a vocalist I admire. One person less, I  thought I might have a chance to win.”

Jonghyun said, “Member Key threatened me not to come back to our dorm if I don’t win.”

In the group shot, see Jonghyun is the tallest among the idol contestants!

Kim Gura said, “If ‘I Am a Singer’ is an epic drama, our program is a youth drama. Shin Dongyeop and I I will be teachers.”

i can’t wait to watch >.<

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