Fanacc Story SM Town Day 2

Yesterday, I went to SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION purely for SHINee because I didnt go for Nanjing’s Concert so I had to do this.

The bad thing about Japan’s SMTOWN was that the seats were picked by the computer. Being the first doesnt mean you will get the best seats. and the price for all the seats were all the same. They did not allow photos, videos and voice recordings. Those photos circulated on the internet were taken secretly. It was illegal and there were many staff members keeping on the lookout for unauthorised devices. I only took a few photos in the beginning of the show. It started from 5.15pm to 9pm approximately 4hours L( to be honest, it was tiring to stand for so long.

The following is a purely subjective personal account of the event, purely SHINee bias :
We were at the 3rd level. It was too far so we relied on the big screen.

SHINee sang a total of 7 songs which included performances with other SM Town family embers. In not proper order, Stand by me( japan version )、君は仆のeverything、Juliette (japan version)、Amigo(Rock version)、Ready or not、Ring Ding Dong(Remix) 和 Lucifer(Remix). SHINee’s outfit was pretty much similar to those worn during SMtown Paris and Shinee World Concerts.

Combined performances included :
1. Onew with Kangta and f(x) Sulli
2. Key and f(x) krystal for My First Kiss
3. Key and Minho for Ayo Rap version
4. Onew, Yesung and Ryeowook’s collaboration on a Japanese song
5. Taemin and Minho on the dance battle
6. Key and Boa for “I Did it for love”

During Sulli and Kangta’s performance I had a shock when I saw onew because SHINee had not been on stage yet. He wore an outfit similar to school canteen’s white apron-like robe and black pants holding a silverish white unknown object which looked like a Bakery Shop Pot (?) .. he rushed forward in front of sulli and kneeled down.

He took out a telephone from the pot-like thing. I laughed so hard because the character totally suited Onew – it was such a funny character! Even the SJ fans beside me screamed “onew onew onew” when they saw him. He was so cute!

Onew is famous for his cuteness in Japan!

SHINee’s first song was stand by me.. Once the music played, everybody started screaming. After the song, the SHINee members did a self introduction and jonghyun spoke in Japanese ” SHINee really shines” and in the mean time acted as if he has been blinded by a ray of bright light. Once taemin did he self introduction, the fans screamed to loudly (all types of screams could be heard).. I could barely make out he was saying “I am SHINee’s charsimatic (?) taemin!” He said he name loudly and the audiences got hyped up once again! Key’s Japanese was not bad, he had clear pronounciation and did a very sleek conclusion.

To be honest, I was quite speechless about the hairstyle Key’s  coordi did for him – his fringe was blown up many times, revealing his entire foreheard – similar to Jonghyun’s Korean Juliette hairstyle. *cries* Key, your fringe looks good! Other than this point, Key’s performance that night was GREAT! THe time I am the most proud of was that until Juliette’s performance, key did not put on any eyeliner.

Next it was Replay and Juliette. A lot of people screamed along for Replay’s introduction.

“SHINee.. SHinee.. SHINee..” Fan chants touched me! DBSK fans were on my left hand side, even though they were not SHINee fans, they did the fan chants along with us!!! If not for Shawols, many people did not know the fan chants for many of the songs. But it seems like everyone knew Lucifer’s Fanchant!!! Practically almost all the Japanese fans beside me screamed with us!! Lucifer is amazing!!!

Jonghyun had a solo shot for Ring Ding Dong’s ending, he was panting real hard with his face cringed up, seemingly very tired. But after that, he was all hyper and active, jumping around again!! Ha~

I shall not mention individual performance :

Onew and SJ senior’s collaboration on a Japanese ballad was very well done. The 2 SJ members cutely looked to the side, as if they were looking at the prompter for lyrics. Onew fans were very supportive! Onew sang passionately and remembered his lyrics well! Good Job!

Key and Boa sang “I did it for love”. In the end Key and Boa looked at each other while singing, key placed a hand on Boa’s shoulder seemingly like a good friend. I screamed~

SHINee sang My First Kiss many times but it was the first in SM Town right? Key was very hyper during the perofrmance, like Nanjing’s Concert, he swayed his hair everywhere. He is tryly more open now! Krystal and Key’s famous scene pushing each other away was removed, they walked towards separate directions instead.

Taemin performed first followed by Eunhyuk for SM town dance battle. Minho and the other SMtown members joined after that. Taemin danced very well as usual and minho was not bad too! He even wore a pair of black sunglasses! Because he was the only one wearing it, he was outstanding~

At the end of the concert, Key and SNSD’s Hyoyeon played crazily. Hyoyeon did a shoulder dance to Key first, then Key followed. She is definitely the dancing queen.

Jonghyun kept carrying the video camera, taemin on the other hand taemin held a silver camera taking photos of fans from the first floor and those at the mosh pits. SMTOWN members all gathered at the center. When it was about to end, Key suddenly pulled Sulli to the left side of the stage and did like what they did at the Idol Sports Competition ” Did a heart then send it to the fans” It was a cute action! Key really fell in love doing Fan service!

In conclusion, SHINee’s performance was truly “SHINY”!! Japanese shawols were truly supportive! Screams were orderly, which was important for fan chants!) Looking forward to their future Japanese activities!!

Source : SHINee Baidu – CirceUriel
Translator:  Soundtracklove@Soompi (Chinese to English)

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