111126 Minho Me2Day Update

[민호] 드디어 짧고도 길었던 콘서트가 끝났어요… 정말 잊지 못할 추억… 여러분 모두 정말 고맙고 또 고마워요^^ 우리 또 좋은 추억 만들어요~~

[Minho] The long await concert which is short has finally ended. It is an unforgettable memories. I am really thankful to everyone. We will create even more memories.

ot5 selca 🙂

Jung Il Woo for 1st Look

1st Look,” a Korean entertainment lifestyle magazine, covered Jung Il Woo for its ninth volume, out November 17.
In the article, Jung Il Woo talks about his acting philosophy, stating, “If I don’t work hard, it shows. Other people might not be able to notice, but I know. I think, ‘Ah, I didn’t try hard so its not coming out right,’ and this hurts me. So when I start a project, I don’t think about anything else. That way, I feel better about myself. Because I am working hard.”

Fanacc Story SM Town Day 2

Yesterday, I went to SMTOWN LIVE in TOKYO SPECIAL EDITION purely for SHINee because I didnt go for Nanjing’s Concert so I had to do this.

The bad thing about Japan’s SMTOWN was that the seats were picked by the computer. Being the first doesnt mean you will get the best seats. and the price for all the seats were all the same. They did not allow photos, videos and voice recordings. Those photos circulated on the internet were taken secretly. It was illegal and there were many staff members keeping on the lookout for unauthorised devices. I only took a few photos in the beginning of the show. It started from 5.15pm to 9pm approximately 4hours L( to be honest, it was tiring to stand for so long.

The following is a purely subjective personal account of the event, purely SHINee bias :
We were at the 3rd level. It was too far so we relied on the big screen.

SHINee sang a total of 7 songs which included performances with other SM Town family embers. In not proper order, Stand by me( japan version )、君は仆のeverything、Juliette (japan version)、Amigo(Rock version)、Ready or not、Ring Ding Dong(Remix) 和 Lucifer(Remix). SHINee’s outfit was pretty much similar to those worn during SMtown Paris and Shinee World Concerts.

Combined performances included :
1. Onew with Kangta and f(x) Sulli
2. Key and f(x) krystal for My First Kiss
3. Key and Minho for Ayo Rap version
4. Onew, Yesung and Ryeowook’s collaboration on a Japanese song
5. Taemin and Minho on the dance battle
6. Key and Boa for “I Did it for love”

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