Taemin Interview for KOOL Magz

How did you become a singer?
Taemin: I liked dancing since I was little. Watching performances of Korean sunbae singers or Michael Jackson, I was attracted to dancing and started practing at home by myself.

The most memorable episode since your debut?
Taemin: The first music program we debuted. It is still vivid in my memory. When I was singing on stage, faces of my family and relatives came to my mind. I felt my heart warming at that moment but tried to hold my tears back.
Which artist influenced you most?
Taemin: Michael Jackson. He was on the top in music. I respect him in that respect. It is my dream to become the best.

What influenced you most besides music?
Taemin: My family. (When I wanted to become a singer) my parents didn’t object to it but supported me fully. Even now they help me focus on my work. They understand me. When I was rebellious, they took it all generously.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
Taemin: Eating breakfast!

What movies do you like?
Taemin: A lot. I used to like romance, action or comedy movies, but these days I’m crazy about horror movies.

A phrase or motto you like?
Taemin: Wait for Heaven’s will after doing your best. It is our family motto, and I like its meaning very much.

What do you do when you have free time?
Taemin: I take lessons and practice

How do you release stress?
Taemin: I go to our training room. It’s spacier than our apartment. There are friends I can talk to about my problem. It is like home to me. I go to the training room even when I want to meditate by myself.

A Korean artist you want to collaborate with?
Taemin: Hard to answer. There are too many. It’s hard to pick just one.

Then, an overseas artist?
Taemin: Usher. Am I dreaming too high?

What music are you listening to recently?
Taemin: I’m listening to old hit songs. Not recent hit songs, I like R&B or ballad songs that were popular a few years ago. Songs with pretty lyrics and a bit sad.

Which member will you take to a desert island?
Taemin: Key-hyung. He will certainly be helpful in many ways.

What touched you most recently?
Taemin: I saw Korean movie, Harmony, recently. It is a very good movie, and I was so moved by it. What remains in my memory out of recent activities is Hello MV shooting. I enjoyed the filming and liked the set.

What are you most interested in these days?
Taemin: Lazing around. Since our debut, I had all my energy focused on our activities until the end of last year. Recently I’ve got more time on my own.

Are there things you want to do before next year comes?
Taemin: There are a lot. First of all, I want to work harder to show better performances. I think now is the most important time for us. We not going to be called “a new group” any longer.

If you pick a thing you think you won’t lose to anyone in this?
Taemin: Everything! First, in fashion. I think I’m rather photogenic, handsome, good at dancing. My voice is not so bad. Good personality. Humble (Hahaha) It’s all joke~

What would you say if you meet yourself at the time of debut?
Taemin: Don’t forget what you felt when you debuted and keep your sincere attitude. Don’t forget your original resolution.

One word to your current self.
Taemin: Do it right!

If you promise something to yourself for next year?
Taemin: I’ll be 19 next year, so I think I should be more responsible. I want to show I got more mature. Anyway, I’ll improve more!

A message to our readers?
Taemin: I’m thankful for your support. I’d like to have more opportunities to meet you and make good memories with you.


Onew’s first impression?
Taemin: He was caring and kind. Other people also say the same thing about him. “Onew-ssi is good with people and gentle”

What color would you compare him to?
Taemin: Gray

One word to Onew-ssi!
Taemin: All our members have unique personalities, so it won’t be easy to be a leader. We sometimes play together, but he is the hardest worker. He is the busiest member now, but it’s good to see him always show a smiling face to us. Onew hyung, please, always stay as you are.

haha uri taeminnie choose usher too.. keke


translateL jujugal @ soompi

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